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My name is Elesé Arias, hence the E.A. before candids. At an early age I begin dabbling with cameras. It wasn't until college that I truly discovered that something I just thought of as a hobby could actually become my career. I decided to take a risk and move from my home in Dallas Texas to San Diego to study Film at San Diego State University. I obtained my Bachelors and began my journey.  

A couple of weeks after graduating I started working as a production coordinator for a feature film with a production company named Etched Motion. I worked on that movie for about 5 months before getting hired with The Third Floor, a company based out in L.A. While there I worked in their casting department and was responsible for about 300+ visual effect artists. We worked on about 30 shows/commercials/ and feature films at a time. There were a lot of named projects some being for Marvel. It truly was an experience and taught me a lot about Pre-ves and Visual effects.

Once Covid hit I realized I wasn't as happy working there as I thought. So I packed my bags again and moved back to Texas. I began freelancing for the first time here. It allowed me to get back on track to following my path as a creative by getting to do the projects I was interested in.  

I love capturing moments in time and creating visuals that may impact someone in a positive light. When working with me I always bring good energy to make my clients as comfortable in front of the camera as possible. I like to bring my speaker and also make sure to have a mood board created before the shoot so myself and the client are on the same page prior to arrival. If you ever feel stuck on what to do I will coach you through poses and facials. No matter what type of occasion you can guarantee a perfect mix of fun and professionalism from me. Check out my portfolio and let's shoot. 

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